Experince On Buying Transition Glasses =)

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 Assalamualaikum and very good day to boys and girls ! Today I'm gonna write about some little tips of choosing and buying new transition glasses as I have an experience buying on it.

    First of all,you have to think what is the purpose of using the transition lens? For me It is necessary as I am always doing the outdoor activities,with transition lens there is no need of sunglasses anymore as it also can protect UV light from directly goes in to my eye =).

Carl Zeiss Vision Cancels Lens Distribution Agreements With Essilor and Hoya

Thanks to Mr. Google for the pics

  There are lots of the transition manufacture out there,you might choose it which ever you like, the brand like Hoya,Essilor and Zeiss is the common player for the transition lens manufacture. Actually Transition company has cooperate with the company to create multicoat for the lens,example... like Hoya brand, they offering anti-resistance scratch, dust repellent coating and so on. What you have to do is just ask your sales assistance for all the thing and prepare the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ as the good the lens so the more $$$$ you have to spend =).
- I choose to make it at Focus Point because their tagline 'No fake , Original Only'-

It is mostly ranging from Rm550- Rm1000 depend on the quality of lens. Finally when you get your eye ware make sure ask for the authentic card from the manufacture as it will tell you the originality of the lens.

-Back of the card-

Tips On Buying Transition Lens...

1.Think of your needs.

2.Find out all pros and cons of the manufactures

3. Prepare your $$$$


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