Im trying to sleep here!

4:15 AM

Argghhhh...its already 3.42 am,and i still couldnt get BACK to sleep..yeaah,BACK. I already slept at 12.00 am just now,but suddenly my sister woke me up with her laugh! Yes,her laugh.

Its about 3.00 a.m,but she's still on the phone. She laugh out loud till wokes me up. Even her friend,i can hear every single word.*tak sakit telinga ke dik oiiii*.now already 3.45,its mean i've been trying to sleep for about 45 minutes,almost one hour!!

Im trying to sleep here,its too early for sahur.Please keep ur voice only to u n ur fren please sis.I dont care if you would like to chit chatting till subuh,but please mind your voice.

I pon penah muda u olls..*bajet da tua sangat* i still remember dat i did the same thing like my sis did.but..there is a but..i do mind my voice,cause i know my roomate that time try to get her beautiful sleep.

Back to 3-4 years ago,when im still in uni,im always have a chit chat with my syg,from 12.00 am,till subuh!!till 6.00 am.yeah,u can call me 'ratu gayut' or 'ratu telefon'. Every weekend,we will on the phone for 6 hours. Just weekend okay.

That time,hotlink have special promotion for sabah number.*i bought simcard in kk,sabah to get the promotion,oh,do mind im study there'. The promotion was called super saver. RM 1,from 12.00 am till 6.00 am.So,ofcourse i grab the promotion, n my syg will wait me till 12.00 am to call him.

I can't remember much what we were talking about,but we really enjoy our conversation,even it's already 6.00 am,we still dont want to end the conversation. Well,we were in LDR(long distance relationship)that time,and now,still..but it change to LDM(Long distance marriage) of course.

And after few months,hotlink change the promotion.From rm 1 for 6 hours,it turns to rm 1 for 3 hours i think. But it still a good deal.we still chit chatting till 6.00 a.m.Owh,how i miss that time..

But after both of us,my syg n me get a job,we never go for the super savers promotion anymore,coz we already use we can have a long conversation without have to wait for 12.00 am. We use digi postpaid now,i think it's the best so far,cause we already tried celcom n maxis postpaid,but we not satisfied with both. And i think digi have the cheapest rate. I love digi..yeah,im promoting digi right now,hahha..get urself a digi postpaid now!hahhaa..

Wow!! It's already 4.11 a.m, and my sis already end her conversation. But i dont know whether i can get to sleep back or i have to wait till sahur time.It's one hour from now till sahur time. We always take our sahur at 5.00 am.

Ergh,i think i can go back to sleep now,feel sleepy again,but hope i xterlajak for my sahur,hewhew..niteee..

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